Picture your lifestyle ten years from now. Will you take the steps to get there or are you leaving this to chance? We work with people age 50 and over offering tax, retirement and investment planning in a professional, fee-only environment.

Partners for Planning believes that, with the right planning, you can achieve the lifestyle you want.

What do you want your life to look like? Will you pursue a second act or encore career? Make a lifestyle change? Will you phase-in to retirement or make big changes all at once? Will you become a consultant, start a home business or work part-time? Give back to the community, pursue non-profit causes, enjoy the arts, move to your vacation home or travel?

Whatever you choose, we work with you to identify priorities, set realistic goals, and develop a workable plan with a financial roadmap that you can follow to stay on course. And, we are available along the way so you can get back on track when unexpected changes get in the way.

The transition into and through the first ten years of retirement is our special passion and expertise.

Increasingly, people choose to ease into retirement instead of leaving work completely and many expect this trend to continue. Increasing health care costs, longer lives, inflation worries, and rising tax burdens cause uncertainty. In addition, continued income can allow you to delay drawing down retirement accounts. Frequently though, financial benefits are not the primary reason. Staying active and engaged, enjoying social networks and continued learning are key reasons for a new definition of retirement – an evolution to a different lifestyle for the second half of life.

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We consider both tax and financial issues and challenge mass-market advice.

Lifestyle transitions require planning to balance personal choices along with finances, taxes and an ever-changing economic landscape. Making decisions without factoring in tax consequences can wreak havoc on your plans. Moreover, relying on advice from personal finance magazines, the internet and other free sources simply cannot consider your personal circumstances and are not geared toward the affluent. We have extensive experience and a process to help you map out your transition and avoid surprises.

You can spend a lot of time seeking answers and still need a second opinion to be sure you haven’t overlooked anything. Why not leverage our professional expertise and tackle those unanswered questions and worries? We partner with you to act as your advocate so you receive unbiased advice.

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