• Take Your Best Guess

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    In my previous post, we saw that survey respondents frequently say they guess when deciding how much they need for retirement. Let’s take the next step, how much did they think they need? How Much Do You Need to Save for Retirement? Under $250K 31% $250 – $499K 19% $500 – $999K 22% $1M – […]

  • How Much Do You Need to Retire? You’ll be surprised at how most people decide.

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    How much you need to retire? How do most people decide? Use an online calculator Ask a financial advisor Prepare their own estimate Actually, it’s none of the above.  According to the 2013 Retirement Confidence Survey, 45 percent of those surveyed stated that they ‘guess.’ HOW DO MOST PEOPLE DETERMINE HOW MUCH THEY NEED FOR RETIREMENT? Guess 45% […]

  • Why You Will Want to Read this Retirement Planning Blog

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    If you are in or near retirement you must already know there are countless articles, books and blogs dedicated to this topic and that, generally, all of them will tell you three things:  you will live longer than your parents, you do not save enough and that your money may not last.  So, why hear about this again? And, why add […]