Tax or Financial Consultation

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If you have a few questions in one or two areas, a targeted consultation can provide answers. One 90 minute meeting to get answer to your questions, plus follow-up so you are clear about the advice give. This is a limited-scope project. If you have questions on more than one or two areas, look at our other planning services.

Questions? Fill out the Agenda form and email us. We will let you know if your project can fit into a limited-scope consultation.


  • Am I saving enough? Get an estimate to determine if your current savings rate will be roughly what you need.
  • My 401k offers a limited menu of indexed mutual funds. How should I allocate investments in my workplace account?
  • I’ve been offered an annuity or a lump sum distribution from my retirement account.  Which should I choose?
  • I am refinancing. Which mortgage is right for my situation?

Step By Step to Unbiased Advice

  •   Schedule Appointment

  • Complete Agenda form. Schedule an appointment. Email if you have a question.

  •    Gather Information   

  • Receive request for related information to have available for your appointment.

  • Complete Consultation

  • Meeting via telephone, web conference or in person. Partial credit if you step up to a planning project within 30 days.


Download Targeted Consultation Form