Financial Planning and Investment Advisory Services

We provide financial planning and investment advisory services to people seeking professional, fee-only advice that is both tailored to their personal circumstances and tax-savvy.  Our special focus is on planning for active retirements, lifestyle transitions and second acts.  We are especially geared toward those ages 50 and over who question generic advice that does not fit their situation.

A word about services and planning fees.  Most people spend more time and money on a single vacation than planning for the next 20 plus years of their lives.   And, when people are asked how they determine how much money they need for retirement … over 40% say they ‘guess.’  Our planning process is highly individualized and a large step up from online calculators, 30-page, boilerplate financial plans and generic advice for the mass-affluent market.

Retirement-Focused Financial Plan or Lifestyle Transition Planning

This is our planning service for lifestyle transitions including those into and through retirement. We know from experience there are questions nearly everyone asks:

  • “Have I saved enough to retire?” or, “Will I run out of money?”
  • “How much can I take out of my accounts each year?”
  • “What account should I withdraw from first?”
  • “How can I reduce my tax liability?”

And, we find these areas are often a source of concern or conflicting information:

  • “When should I begin to collect social security?”
  • “I’m concerned about medical expenses—how do I plan for these costs?”   (And, by the way, medical expense costs have outpaced inflation as the biggest concern.)
  • “How do I convert my savings into regular income to replace my paycheck?”
  • “Are my investments too risky, too conservative or appropriate for my stage of life and situation?”
  • “I would like a lifestyle change, pursue a second act, become self-employed or __you tell us__.  Can I afford this?”

Financial planning will answers these questions as well as others you may or may not have considered; an important benefit of getting another perspective.  As part of your plan, you may also choose to add an investment portfolio review.

You are invited to schedule a call to talk about your agenda and what you want to accomplish.  This is a professional services firm; there is never any pressure or obligation. You receive a written agreement and project estimate; no surprises.

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Investment Portfolio Review

We gather information about your goals, risk tolerance, time frame for access to your funds and tax situation. We then review your current holdings and recommend changes to your portfolio.  You follow through by reviewing our recommendations and placing trades.

The portfolio review is offered as an addition to a financial plan or as a stand-alone service.

We are different in that we do not force clients into one of several portfolio models forcing you to sell off all existing holdings.  Our recommendations will consider your existing holdings and the tax consequences of making changes to individual positions. As part of this process, we include the following steps:

  • Arrive at a target asset allocation based on your risk profile, as determined by your response to questionnaires, information you provide and discussion.
  • Review and advise on investment positions in your current portfolio.
  • Make recommendations for no-load mutual funds or exchange traded funds to bring your portfolio within a range of the target allocation.

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Targeted Tax or Financial Consultation

This service is for those who have a few questions in one or two areas and want to start a planning relationship.

You complete the agenda form and schedule a 2 hour meeting to get answers to your questions plus email follow-up so you are clear about the advice given.  Visit the targeted consultation tab to get more information about this process.

This is a limited-scope project.  If you have questions that fall into several areas, look at our Retirement-focused planning or consider a full financial plan.

Have questions?  Fill out the consultation form and email it to us.  We will let you know if your project can fit within a limited-scope consultation.

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