Retirement Planning

Retirement Focused Financial Plan and Lifestyle Transition Planning

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This plan is most appropriate for pre-retirees, people seeking a ‘phased-in’ retirement that may include consulting, freelancing, non-profit or part time work and those in the first 10 to 15 years of retirement.  Clients are frequently focused on what level of spending can be maintained to support a lifestyle that may include a second home, travel, sport and hobbies while balancing the desire to help children and/or parents, the ability to cover potential medical costs including care at home or the desire to leave an inheritance.

Key areas we will cover: special-situations-with-border

  • Review your financial objectives
  • Income planning, how to replace your paycheck, social security strategies.
  • Spending plan for different lifestyle or retirement phases.
  • An overall review of your tax return and available deductions
  • Tax strategies to potentially reduce taxes
  • Health care expenses
  • Residence and rental real estate issues
  • Plus, your wish list … travel, family needs, reduced work schedule, leisure time, community activities, second acts.

Who can benefit?  Pre-retirees, retirees, full-time to part-time or self-employed transitions, phased-in retirements and anyone pursuing a second act or encore career can benefit.  If you are making a transition from employee to being self-employed, we can help you get started with filing requirements, tax record keeping, cash flow and startup planning.

How can I fit this into my schedule?  Our clients are busy people with multiple demands on their time.  Start the process and take one step at a time around your work and travel schedule, vacations, family demands—complete your project quickly or take up to 90 days.  We are there when you need help.  Evening telephone appointments are available.

Our Process

Busy schedule?  Take one step at a time.  You can take up to 12 weeks or accelerate the process.  

  •   Appointment  

  • Fill out the form or email with Your Agenda. Tell us about special situations. Email if you have any questions (1-2 weeks).

  •   Consultation

  • Receive an email to ask you to have related information available. Receive a written agreement describing the services to be provided. (1-4 weeks)

  •   Information  

  • Gather requested information and send agreement with your financial data and initial payment. You will receive emails and phone calls while your information is entered, reviewed and analyzed (3-6 weeks).

  • Get Draft Plan

  • A draft projection will be prepared for a preliminary discussion. Determine any changes and identify “what-if” scenarios. Example: Rate of return and inflation figures are changed to stress test the plan for changes in assumptions (2-3 weeks).

  •    Get Answers  

  • Schedule a meeting in person, by telephone or web conference to discuss report and recommendations. If you would like additional changes or other scenarios, just ask.

What happens next? After you have completed the planning process, you will receive follow up emails or phone calls to help you act on the advice given.

Download Retirement/Lifestyle Transition Services PDF