Why You Will Want to Read this Retirement Planning Blog

Savvy Planning for Retirement, Lifestyle Transitions and Second Acts

If you are in or near retirement you must already know there are countless articles, books and blogs dedicated to this topic and that, generally, all of them will tell you three things:  you will live longer than your parents, you do not save enough and that your money may not last.  So, why hear about this again? And, why add this blog to your reading list?

I’ve worked in the personal financial planning field for over 20 years’ gaining real-world, roll-up-your-sleeves experience with the mistakes people make and the good and bad advice received when dealing with money.  I work with the affluent and mass-affluent—a group with discretionary income, and so, not saving and planning is a choice they make (although they may not see it that way).  This blog is geared toward this population.

By far,  the most common concerns and questions expressed by clients are centered on retirement.  This blog will comment on personal finance advice related to active retirements, lifestyle transitions both into and through retirement and second acts.  It is meant to be practical, may be entertaining and will sometimes be controversial.

Above all, this blog provides a forum for you to comment on your own experiences, successes and mistakes.  For those of you already retired, let me know what advice you found helpful and surprises you encountered after retiring.   I am interested in your thoughts and experiences.

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